Devesa do Cávado is a company that has its origin in the reconstruction of an ancient olive press.

The reconstruction of Olive Oil Mill had, and has as a principal goal, to recover a long lost tradition, the cultivation of olives.

The Minho region has a long tradition of cultivating and harvesting the olives “Galega”. However, this tradition had been lost, either through lack of mills where you could just grind olives, whether the investment decision by farmers in planting vineyards, to the detriment of Olives.

Therefore, and because we want the world to know the Oil of Minho, we have been working with farmers in order to recover the abandoned groves, and replanting new olive groves.

We also have been focusing on other key sectors to increase and show the world, not only at national but also international level, Portuguese culture.

To the product oil had joined other products that are already at the disposal of the consumer: Wine and Brandy Green.

Rural Tourism will open soon.